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Gregory Elliott

Director, Cinematographer, Writer

[The Elliott Vision Company]


Making a film is never an easy process, it takes enormous effort and collaboration from the crew to talent. Along the process, every so often, we are lucky enough get to work with extraordinary talent in our industry. Sabrina Knappett is one such talent, dedicated and professional, she brings nothing but magic to the screen. I had the great pleasure of working with Sabrina, and I sincerely respect her as a person and talent, not to mention her witty personality, it definitely creates a safe space for everyone on set. Thank you Sabrina for being you, I hope to shoot many more projects with you. Cheers.

Minerva Navasca

Director, Writer, Producer

[Monsoon Season Productions]

Having worked with Sabrina Knappett has been such a gift! She approaches a role with the utmost thought and sensitivity, but never fears to play with the character throughout the process.

With her collaboration, characters flourish so far beyond their initial presence on the page. Her sense of emotionality is razor-sharp, allowing her to layer complex desires, fears, and attitudes into a single captivating performance.

David Nguyen

Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor

[Paper Light Films]

Sabrina is absolutely phenomenal. She has an extensive range that allows her to do everything from comedy to drama. She shines on screen and I look forward to doing many more projects with her. 

Luisa Gonzalez, Director and Writer

Sabrina is great! I feel fortunate that I was able to work alongside her. She's beyond professional, kind, and talented. Sabrina immediately knew what I wanted, even If it was a bit unorthodox. Every meeting, table reading, rehearsal, etc., she was there, on time, with the most incredible attitude. 

Danny Lau

Director, Cinematographer [Laud Films]

Sabrina is a professional and a positive presence on set!  She comes prepared and is always willing to be a helping hand in all aspects of production.  She took direction very, very well and exceeded all my expectations with her performance. She’s unbelievably talented and will definitely one day be a star in this industry.  I’m looking forward to working with her again!

Chen Sing Yap

Director, Writer, Editor [Big Big Turtle Productions]

I worked with Sabrina on a very time-sensitive short film, where there was often only time for a few takes. She came  prepared, took direction very well, and was key to getting everything done on time. A few scenes called for improvisation and Sabrina did that effortlessly. She is an extremely talented and adaptable actor - and easy to communicate with to boot.

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